Welcome to the 10th International conference on Pseudomonas syringae

The Pseudomonas syringae conference will take place in the beautiful city of Porto, from the 4th to the 7th of June 2024

For more information please contact the organizing committee at info@psyringae2024.com

Scientific committee

Cindy Morris (chair) INRAE, Avignon
Dawn Arnold, Harper Adams University, United Kingdom
David Baltrus, University of Arizona, USA
Carmen Beuzon, Universidad de Málaga, Spain
David Guttman, University of Toronto, Canada
Yuki Ichinose, University of Okayama, Japan
Emilia Lopez Solanilla, Centro de Biotecnolog­­ía y Genómica de Plantas, Spain
Gail Preston, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Marco Scortichini, Council for Agricultural Research and Agricultural Economy
Analysis, Italy
George Sundin, Michigan State University, USA

Organizing committee

Elodie Vandelle (chair), University of Verona

Davide Danzi, University of Verona.

Cristiana Correia, University of Porto

Emma Caullireau, University of Verona/INRAE Avignon

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First announcement

Dear colleagues and friends,

It has been a long time in the making, but here are some details about the next Pseudomonas syringae conference in 2024! The conference will take place from

Tuesday 4 June to Friday 7 June 2024 at Casa de Vilar in Porto (Portugal).

The venue is located at a short distance from the historic center of Porto, as well as the Superbock Arena and Casa da Música, the famous Port Wine Cellars, beaches and main metro stations. We hope that this conference will provide us with many opportunities for discussions and collaborations on important research topics concerning Pseudomonas syringae. The program will include presentations by prestigious invited speakers as well as those proposed by members of the growing community working on the P. syringae complex.

The conference venue

The conferece is based in the Vilar Oporto Hotel, in the centre of the city. The location is easy to reach by public transport. Check the "Venue and travel information" section of the website for more details

Conference Rooms

Sala Sè will host the seminars

Sala Boavista will be reserved as a space for discussion and to expose participant posters

Conference fees

registrations Are OPEN


Early-bird registration 290€ (350€ including social dinner)

After 7th May 340€ (400€ including social dinner)


Early-bird registration 390€ (450€ including social dinner)

After 7th May 490€ (550€ including social dinner)

The registration to the conference is handled by an external partner (Biba group), so the link provided here will send you to another website where you can continue with registration. Please read the privacy policy before proceeding with registration. Early-bird registration closes the 30th April 7th May. Remember that only bank-transfer are accepted as payment method.

The social dinner

We think that the best place to share ideas and meet new people is in front of a relaxing view. Praia de luz is the place to meet while chilling out after a full day of science. The ocean will empower our ideas, let discussions flow and allow new scientific connections.

Enjoy the conference, share knowledge, find new scientific partners

Venue address and
contact information


Organizing committee

Elodie Vandelle (chair), University of Verona, Italy
Davide Danzi, University of Verona, Italy
Cristiana Correia, University of Porto, Portugal
Emma Caullireau, University of Verona, Italy. INRAE-Research Institute for Agriculture, Avignon, France

Organizing partner

biba group